Archive | August 2019

I won’t give up (on me)

Racing against time
I see nothing good,
a music without rhyme,
nothing as it should.

I may not see the moon,
but I can see all stars
are forming a typhoon
to drown all my memoirs.

You take my hand in yours
and look me in the eye,
you may have won your wars,
but this is my good-bye.

You think that you’re not wrong,
but I’ll find someone new,
You tell me I’m not strong,
yet I’m giving up on you.

You think that it’s OK
to never hear my side
so you can see your way
and have no tears to hide.

You don’t know how it feels
to loose now all my will,
a clock missing its wheels
and time just standing still.

I’ll give each day my best
and everything of me,
to find love in this quest
but you will never see
I won’t give up
I won’t give up
on me.