Archive | May 17, 2015

Silence before the storm

The night is so silent, the storm must be close,
take a deep breath in the wind that now blows.

Give me your hand and watch now the sky,
I promise to teach you one day how to fly.

Fly like you know what is best for you now,
given your strength, you’ll be there somehow.

Fly like a water-drop leaving the sea
and I know that someday you’ll be here with me.

Let’s leave the past without any power
and all that we knew should fall in an hour.

I’ll be the one to stand by your side
when you have nowhere to run or to hide.

I’ll be your smile and you will be mine
look in my eyes to see how you shine.

Fly like you know what the future will bring
I’ll be your hero and mend everything.

Fly like a water-drop leaving the sea,
enter my heart and you will be free.