Archive | April 10, 2015

unpolished diamonds

Fly above the sky and tell me, where is God?
Does He know that we are drowning in the flood?

Yes, of course He does and tells us just to swim,
but take a look at us – so fragile, all so dim.

We only have one soul that fits so hard inside
and, still, we have a role that He makes sure to hide.

We swim through clouds, we swim through tears,
we run through crowds, away from fears,
’cause we are meant to fly away,
above the sky to make our way
where silence sings and angels smile,
and everything will be worthwhile.

It’s all unclear, it’s all so new.
I disappear, but where are you?

Unpolished diamonds, that’s what we are –
billions of strings on God’s guitar.

Unfinished songs without His touch,
Incomplete souls He loves so much.