People say “I’m sorry” for too many times
and think it’s all over but don’t see the signs
of a love that waits here on the burning floor,
leaving paths behind us as on ocean’s shore.

They still long for someone they can never be,
trying just to reach parts of eternity.

I was one of those who thought that love will last,
I was one of those living in the past.

Like a hidden fortress where you bring the fire
I wanted to be anything you desire.

I wish I could give all my faith to you,
let me fall in your hands, like I used to do.

But you just say “I’m sorry” and your face gets blurry.


Just run!

If you’ve lost your wings and cannot fly
Please don’t ask me where or why
Run … please … just run!

Run to the wind that fades her away,
Run to the roses that want you to stay.

Run to the sky so peaceful and kind,
Run leaving only your shadow behind.

Run to your memories so near yet so far,
Run to the clouds in search of a star.

Run to the word of a whisper of mine,
Run to the gardens so pure and divine.

Run, please just run, no matter the distance,
Run to the end of your own resistance.

Neither emotions, deep sorrow nor pain,
Can stop you finding love once again.


Daca ai sti cum momente se pierd
in vai de cristal, tu nu esti.

Daca ai vrea o secunda s-o tii
in palma azi s-a risipit.

Daca ai crede ca mai simt ceva
aici, acum e infinit.

Vino acum, rapeste-ma din nou!
din inima ta sa nu plec.

Nu mai fugi, arata-mi ce simti!
in brate cand ma cuprinzi.

De mana noi doi azi iarasi plutim
nimic nu ne poate opri.

Cand ma privesti simt cum zbor
spre stele, ma ridici tu usor.

Vino acum, nu mai ezita!
caci astazi vreau sa fiu a ta


Daca ai veni

Daca ai veni,
nu as sti cum sa te privesc,
sa tac acum
sau in vant sa soptesc?

Eu te-am iubit
mai mult decat iubisem in viata mea,
eu te-am dorit,
dar tu ai ales-o pe ea.

Ai sters usor
ce ne-a legat intr-o zi,
tot ce era,
tot ce nu va mai fi.

Daca ai veni,
as vrea sa te distrug
din gandul meu
si apoi doar sa fug.

Tu m-ai uitat,
de ce nu pot face la fel?
Nu ti-a pasat.
de ce mai simt altfel?

Daca ai veni,
te-as alunga din nou
in trecutul tau
ramai doar un ecou.

Vino acum,
e timpul sa te distrug
trecutul meu drag,
te voi arde pe rug.