Archive | February 2013

Call my name

I’ll write your story – the one I’ve never known
and make you happy, more than you have ever shown.

I’ll make you stronger, more than you ever were
and make you see beyond all you knew before.

I’ll take you to places where you have never been
’cause I can do what you have never seen.

I’ll give you sun and lightning, the whispers of the sea,
I’ll give you everything and a part of me.

I will not ask for something in return
but if you feel that something starts to burn
whisper softly in the inner flame,
whisper softly and just call my name.

Love story

When love is true we have nothing to fear,
when I’m with you no one can interfere
’cause we are strong when we are together
and time stands still when you hold my hand.

You are mine, I feel it deep inside,
I am yours and can no longer hide
’cause we are strong when we are together,
fading away in the autumn’s sun.

I cry and smile, trying to be strong
’cause my heart is
the place where you belong
so I’ll just wait forever, here, somehow
yes, I’ll just wait for you to find me now.

play – pause – stop

Play, pause, stop – the game is ending,
Play, pause, stop – just stop pretending.

I do not need what you can’t feel,
I do not need a heart of steal.
I just need love, the one that’s true
and I know now, it’s not from you.

Nothing I can say
will make you come my way
and nothing you can do
makes me be with you,
but one day soon we both will win
’cause then a new life will begin,
so play your life and find your song,
make it real, make it strong
and pause the moments – they are yours,
just keep on searching open doors.

Play, pause, stop and then rewind,
but never search what you can’t find.