Archive | August 2012

Valsul nopții

Priveai în tăcere spre orizontul apus
cum lin peste ramuri gândul s-a dus,
căutând o privire, un zâmbet ascuns
în noaptea târzie, sub cerul pătruns
de stele albastre ce cântă frumos
în inima ta un vis luminos.

Vezi lacrimi de rouă, reflexii de soare,
finețea naturii în albe petale
ce zboară spre cer, neatinse de nori,
cuvinte și șoapte în zeci de culori.

Cu nisipul din mână dai timpu-napoi,
auzind în tăcere un cântec vioi
ce lin peste ramuri te cheamă la mine,
spre marea albastră cu raze divine.

You make me fly

I am not perfect, I make mistakes,
but no one knows how much it takes
to be myself in a world not mine
where all I feel is undefined.

The world’s of steal, I can’t be wood,
in two I’d break if I just could,
but I’m just one, I am myself
when darkness falls over the shelf.

The night is long, the books are there
to tell a story that should prepare
this little soul that hides in me
for the day you come, when I’ll be free.

You’ll make me dream above this sky,
you make me laugh, you make me cry
and still there will be no “good-bye
’cause only you can make me fly.

Look into you

They shot you down so you can’t fly,
your wing is broken, I don’t know why –
I cannot tell what you should do,
so I’ll just say “look into you”

Run like the wind, fading away,
cry like a rose, asking to stay,
Run to the clouds in search of a star,
find there your dream, so near yet so far.

They made you cry and told you lies,
your heart is broken, I see your eyes –
I cannot tell what you should do,
so I’ll just say “look into you”

Run to the word of a whisper of mine,
into the gardens so pure and divine.
Run, please just run, no matter the distance,
be it the end of your own existence.

Neither emotions, deep sorrow nor pain,
Can stop you finding love once again.